Sample exam score

Just took the second one and got a 75%. I found it to be incredibly simple, without careless mistakes should have hit 90%, honestly. The Schweser exams I’ve found to be much tougher as I’m struggling to break 70 still on them. Any body tried the two yet? Curious on input.

not sure which sample exam you are talking about. Is it the CFAI sample with 72 questions in total? By saying second one, you mean the PM session?

Yeah the one you take on the computer 36 questions for each half I guess

i don’t know if you have taken the AM session too. That’s definitely much harder than PM. I got 75 on PM but below 60 on AM (isn’t it scary…) but this is just my feeling, of course you could do well on both:)

How have your other exam score been?

just did the number 1 of sample exam, i got 75%… not so happy about it. I think the question were interesting. I will do the second one today and check my score.

MissCleo, did you do both?

I’ll try the first half today. summerside how have your other test been?

i didn’t do the swecheser practice, but for other mocks, my score is around, 65,66,67. god, please tell me how to get 70…

did you also do well on all the other mocks?

i did well on all 6 mocks, above 74% on all of them

the second session of the sample exam, i got the worst score ever in ethic so i finished with a 69%. the timer was very annoying because i was checkin the answer while i was doing it.

I honestly think 63 to 65%ish is good enough to make the cut off for CFA . Suppose the top 5 percent had an average of 90%. If the scale it so the test is only out of 108. You would only need 76 to pass. I honestly don’t think the top 5% are scoring 95 percent on the exam… Maybe the top 1%.

This is just my guess

what do the top 5% have to do with minimum passing score?

I;ve been all over the map with the mocks… between 60-80 (am and pm marked seperately).

Going to do the CFAI mock over the weekend and see where that takes me… I have been doing the Schweser ones and found some questions to be very out of the ordinary that even after reading the answer, I still don’t understand what the questions/answer was about…