Sample exam versus Mock Exam

Which one is better, and why? (If I remember correctly, there used to be 5 sample exams? Now theres 2 sample exams, 2 mock exams, and one free exam?)

buy them all


Are the mock exams free?

sweet–they dropped the price of the sample exams from $50 to $40. And you can buy 1 mock exam for $60 or both for $100, and those are a full 3 hours each. Enough people must have complained and they lowered the price.

Let’s recap: Instead of 5 sample exams, there are this year: - 2 sample exams - 2 mock exams - 1 free exam 2 sample exams = $40 *2= $80 2 mock exams = $100 5 exams for $180 USD, which will be something like $100 CAD by May:)