sample exam

does anyone kown if one still has access to the questions and answers after he/she completes CFA’s on-line sample exam?

Only answers.

What about the mock exams? I tried to look those up today but no luck. I was only able to pull up the sample exams from that scroll down list in the upper right corner.

Tehre is only 1 Mock exam. Adn you can only see the Answers. There is 3 Sample Exams (1/2 a mock) and you can only see the ansers.

biggy, Ya I know there’s 3 sample exams (I found those) but couldn’t find the mock exam. Don’t quite understand by what you mean by “you can only see the answers”. What kind of exam is it where you can’t see the questions???

^I think bigwilly meant that answer key only has the answers, not explanation.

Ah, I see. Ok, but I still couldn’t find the mock exam?

I think its under University Peer Exam or something along those lines maybe… I could have sworn I saw it as one of the options along with the Sample Exams…

Log in the testing site…upper right-hand corner, pull-down meanu.

Yup, I actually recall two options that said Mock Exams. I think the problem was that it didn’t come up on my “dashboard” list. I’ll have to check again tomorrow.