Hi All, i going in for june, i dont know how to login in to access the free sample exam, i have registered so entitle to one, has any body tried to do the sample exam, need help on how to obtain login ID and password pleaseeeeeee

they might not be available yet, I wouldn’t be suprised if they become available in April/May

I show an available link for one “sample” exam and the “mock” exam should by available in May. The sample exam option also shows up on the right hand side under “Now available”. Make sure you’re logged in properly under “Candidate Login” and not “Member Login”. Otherwise follow the “contact us” link from the CFAI site for addt’l help. good luck…but for sure at least one sample exam should show up as available.

Good to know, thanks guys.

I think CFAI will advise candidates through the monthly newsletter when they become available.

sample exam is available now, mock exam will be available on 1st may