Sample exam

Hi, I took this weekend a CFA sample exam on the CFA web site. There were no Time value of Money questions on the QM part of the exam,is that normal? I am talking about question like: I want to have a 1000000 usd in my account in 30 years I can put 50k now 50k in 10 years and etc etc. Please help!

The TVM functions can also be used to calculate bond pricing. I did see some TVM questions on the papers so far. They might not be straight forward like the one you posted above, but surely you will need to know the TVM calculations. I did the BSAS Level 1 mock last saturday and there was a TVM question on calculating perpetuity. So understanding and knowing the TVM functions on the calc will surely help out.

GVA, Did you think the samples were really easy? I thought they skipped a lot of stuff… I scored an 81 and that was with 3-4 calculator mistakes I should not have made.

I missed the QM and the Corp Finance totally!! However , it is true that i found the ethic and bonds and the rest really easy. I am taking a week off before the exam and will do as much mock exam as i can and will compare! i will let you know.