Sample Exams - 100Q Once I finish the readings and review, I’m going to see where I stand with this sample exam. I would imagine this is the closest thing to a real CAIA exam.


Good Luck ditchdigger2CFA. See you at L2 forum in a bit!

good luck ditchdigger2CFA!

Thanks guys! Fortunately I do not think I need it.

Good luck ditchdigger2CFA, let us know the results!

Well, guys be sure that you will take the sample exams they are so close to real one for both levels so you will see a similar questions on the actual exams.

Thanks YeeS_Mos, I will be sure to nail those practice exams down. There is only two correct? I haven’t spent much time looking, I only know Schweser sent me two mocks.

Uppermark Test Bank and Schweser Exam Book are harder than the CAIA Mock exam. Do well on the practice, and you’ll cruise through the real exam.