Sample Exams, Etc.

Hello Everyone, Just looking for some clarification as to the resources available in the form of Sample Exams, Mocks, Etc, from the CFAI. Currently, there are Sample Exam(s) accessible through the CFAI website. Are we only entitled to one Sample Exam or are there several available? Also, does anyone recommend any additional Sample Exam material? I currently have the Stalla curriculum with Passmaster and although the software contains an abundance of questions I would like extra practice with questions directly from the CFAI. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for the help

Hey According to the CFAI, we are entitled to 1 mock exam and 1 sample exam only. The sample exam is available now but the mock not yet. I am studying from Schweser and there are 6 sample exams included, which i think is really helpful because the more practice the better chances to get through ya… All th best!