Sample Exams from 2002..waste of time?!

Hi, i got the chance to have 8 sample exams some as old as 2002,should i work on them or it will be a waste of time?! thanx.

You should do them but if there is material you have never seen before (i.e, every year has some weird topic introduced because of connections or something) just ignore it.

complier, apart form 2003 or 2002 which years do you have? I have 2003 & 2003 but its the same

Yardy: i don’t know,there is somthing weird with them,i dont remember seeing a date on them,but when i printed the first one it showed 2002 on top!now i went back to check the .doc and its not there…i tried printing it again,it didnt show any date!weeird! JoeyDVivre: yeah i found somthing about AIMR in the ethics!