Sample Exams

Has anyone taken the sample exams from the CFAI website? If so, what level of difficulty would you say they were given your prep thus far?

Are these posted yet? I just signed up for the BSAS one in May. Pretty sure I’m signed up for one with Schweser but still have to confirm. And I’ll be purchasing a lot from CFAI since Q-Bank isn’t a viable alternative for LII.

Yes there on the CFAI website in the candidate toolkit. Don’t forget we get 1 free!

Has anyone looked at the exams on the Schweser website? Yea Qbank is good to refresh concepts, but will need to do some actual vignette sets to get in the mode for game day.

The exams are the same as the practice books, I believe…took a glance, to me the schweser seem more “tiny-detail” oriented where CFAI are big picture types

Thanks for the heads up.