San Bernardino

I hope California Analyst Forum members and their families are safe. Prayers to everyone affected.

And to those affected by the 44 murders that will occur tomorrow and every day thereafter in the USA.

Hits close to home for me being a socal resident. It could have been anyone’s home town. Anyone could have been a victim. A mass shooting by a group of terrorists (yes I’ll call them that) is a serious matter anywhere it happens. I’ll wait for more information until I comment further about that.

Ghibli- While any murder is a serious and tragic thing I do not think that a nationwide statistic of isolated events motivated by any number of factors is comparable to this situation nor should it be used to subtract from the gravity of this, or any tragedy caused by terorrist actors. I’m sure that is not how you mean to come across but the last thing someone wants to hear after a tragedy are divisive unrelated remarks. It’s like your mom getting plowed over by a person’s car who had premeditated to go out and run people over and then having someone come up to you and quote drunk driving death statistics.

Sounds like Islamists again from the FBI today.

And those affected by the 44 murders wonder why their loved ones die unnoticed. But I’m sure you don’t mean to diminish their pain or importance.

Whereabouts in Southern California?

I’m in Yorba Linda . . . not all that far from San Bernardino.

Hope all AF members, families and friends are safe…

This world is getting ridiculous day by day and life moves on hoping nobody known to you or their families get affected… Feel sick of this!

Wtf is your prayer doing? Maybe you should pray for a solution that will stop mass shootings and murders in US. Something has to be done in your country and unfortunately no amount of praying is gonna solve it!

These deaths are becoming normalised in the US. It will soon be like the suicide attacks and bombs in Iraq/ Nigeria/ Afgan; we hear about them on the news, feel a bit of sorrow and then get on with our day as though nothing has happened.

Wtf is your forum post doing to stop mass shootings?

Gun deaths are dropping in the U.S… This panic is just media fear.

No doubt that mass shootings in the US are a very real problem that are likely attributable to mental health issues among other factors. But this instant case is now being linked to ISIS, so I think we now have to consider this a terrorist attack and consider those factors that led to these two individuals slipping through our security system.

^Always interesting which sides benefit from these events. If a white man does a mass shooting it helps one party and one agenda, and if a bearded guy does it, it helps the opposite agenda.

It would be interesting to see Democrats depict gun control as an issue of terrorism, not sure if it will work though.