San Francisco/Bay Area/Northern California

Any one from Bay Area for Level 2 @ June, 2010 ? Thanks


Cool. Any study plan, at the moment? btw, which city r u from, if I may ask… Ram (

Me too. Walnut Creek.

@BizBanker That’s cool. Me, presently, staying in Santa Rosa, but would be moving to south bay in two months. Any Study plans yet??

Yes, i plan on starting next month and reading the texts. probably deciding after the material whether or not to go with Schweser, if so, in Jan. or so. I have an advanced degree in econ, so hopefully that will all come back to me and the quant and econ will be easier.

Union City here. Any plans on timing yet? I would prefer Saturday mornings. Any suggestions?

I am sooo thinking Sundays.

I might be in too if y’all want me I’m in east bay-failed last year band 9- having trouble getting motivated again

Interested in hearing more about this as plans finalize. I live in Oakland, work in downtown SF.

Level 1 Bay Area Foster City. Open for Weekend afternoons. When and where are you guys planning to meet?

I did Level 2 last year but didn’t make it. I’m still debating about the retake; need to get re motivated. Just let me know if a study group gathers. Fremont here.

Hi Guys, Good to see many people around. I think it’s about time at least to start seriously thinking about our preparation plans. A meeting at this point could be of great help. Let’s see if we can plan one! To start with… I suggest the following: 1) Time - This weekend (11/7 & 11/8) or Next Weekend (11/14 & 11/15). Any evening or after noon of these four days. 2) Place: - Fremont Please reply with your suggestions and availability. Thanks Ram

Ramm, let’s get this started. I’m in Fremont so its definitely in my neck of the woods. I can be reached at C’mon guys, post up the e-mails so that we can start a mailing list internally.

Bump… Bay Area folks… where are you? :slight_smile:

I am in the South Bay Area … new to the CFA… so Level I june 2010 :slight_smile: anyone else?

shell082 Which place in south bay? I am in Foster City and dont have car. IF it is possible for you we can meet in Foster City Library.

I live in South bay. Finished Level 1 in Dec. Planning to study for L2 irrespective of the results

Ok, if we’re interested in meeting, we’ll have to start to put emails up to start a mailing list. This forum doesn’t allow us to send e-mails directly to each other. Put your e-mails up.

Im in the East Bay but spend a lot of time in SF and southbay. I am so down for study group. My email addy is