Anybody here work out with sandbags or Atlas stones? While I wait on installing rig and getting some real weights for my house, I’m thinking of getting something like this to for early mornings/late nights when I can’t otherwise get a heavy workout in. Plus, they are easier to store and less concerning to drop than an Atlas stone. Any idea on how clean numbers may translate to lifting something like this? I’m not sure what weight to get. TIA

I do, what do want to know?

I thought this was going to be about golf. I was wrong.

How does the weight correspond to other strength metrics. For example, to clean, deadlift, etc.? Trying to decide what type to get. Do you have a standard workout routine you use with them?

I thought this was going to be an exciting discussion of companies “sandbagging”, i.e. downplaying their revenue estimates so they can “surprise” investors positively during earnings. How disappointed I was to see a topic of general human interest.

Just stick to the olympic lifts, rings and kettlebells man

I thought this was going to be about the obscure and venerable art of sandbagging, whereby you fill sandbags and build a bunker in your back yard. 2nd most niche hobby in america after model railroading!

tbf; sandbagging is a term that can be applied to any competitive arena, unfortunately it is not a common term to describe the above hobby.

I want something heavier than my kettlebells with a different stimulus (I don’t think I could single arm clean or swing a KB at a weight equivalent to a sandbag and I like to be able to drop weight, which I can’t do with a metal KB). Nowhere to hang my rings at the house presently and as stated I don’t have a place for a bar, plates, rack, etc right now.

How heavy is your heaviest kettlebells?

Big fan of sandbags & atlas stones (my favorite exercise by far). I’ve looked into the rogue sandbags for my home gym but im worried ill ruin them. I go to a few strongman gyms that offer atlas stones and will do a multitude of exercises with them (i.e rock to shoulder, rock over the yolk, rock on stand etc) and will tell you your arms/chest/legs will feel tremendously sore the next day even for the most experienced lifter.

In terms of gauging the weight you should use, itll all depend on grip strength & arm length. To put things in context, i can dead 600lbs and will typically top off at a 300lb stone to waist and 250 to shoulder. That said, i have friends with short arms who can dead ~800 and will have problems picking up a 250+ stone

Get after it!

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I honestly don’t think there is a linear relation between deadlifts and the sandbag weight. If you have ever wrestled/grappled before it is very similar to that experience.I have not deadlifted for a long time but I do know the 150lb sang bag will be pretty challenging for most of the workouts (at least for me). Make sure you don’t have a rough floor, they will ruin the sand bags for good.

^truth right here.

lol - I thought this was going to be about sandbagging

sandbagging = term often used to describe someone not putting out 100% on one exercise to save energy for the next (typically military training).

My intuition is that sandbag to/over shoulder would be much more similar to a power clean than to a dead, but I’ll have a better idea soon. I plan to drop them on mixed grass/pebble for the near future, which I think will be fine. I won’t be dragging them. My arms are average length (34 shirt). I know I can pick up some heavy people (ohai’s mom, for instance), but not sure how that corresponds to dead weight of a sandbag. Haven’t maxed power clean or dead in a while, but recently pulled 405 for 5 and can power clean 250 for 5.

Turns out an acquaintance from the neighborhood has one of these bags, so I will try it out tonight and let you all know how it goes. Love the soreness from a new movement.

I played around with some strongman sandbags yesterday…yep, whole different animal from a barbell. I was able to shoulder 200, but it took a couple of tries and was a struggle. Was also able to hold it up front and squat it (kind of like a front squat, but more taxing since the weight has to be actively held rather than resting on the shoulders). That weight in sandbag form is no joke. I think I will get the 200 lb bag and maybe not fill it up all the way. Then, as I get better technique and stronger with the lifts I can add more sand to taste :+1:

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