Sappy Friends on Social Media

A friend of mine recently posted on social media that for his birthday the only gift he could ever want for his birthday was his wife. They’ve been married one year and probably still in the honeymoon phase but something really bothers me about this post and really got under my skin. I understand the psychological reasons for why it’s bothering me but it has gotten to a point that they have to prove to everyone how much more in love they are with each other on social media.

I hear ya

That’s why I don’t do social media. Well, that and the fact that I have no friends.

I know a couple of people like this.

The funny thing is–they fight more than anybody I know, and I’m pretty sure he’s cheating on her on a regular basis. And she would divorce him if they didn’t have kids together.

Is he having an affair?

^Not that I’m aware of. This is why I love the "water cooler’.

In my experience on social media, the couples that struggle the most are the couples that constantly have to post their feelings to each other on facebook. I mean why not tell your spouse or significant other directly? That would mean so much more than a social media post. I think it is a sign of insecurity and struggle within the relationship. I do understand the sappy posts for weddings, engagements, perhaps major anniversaries, but anything outside of those occasions should be off limits.

+1 I’ve even seen couples break up within days of posting sappy shit like that

It is what it is I guess.

Add this to the list of terms I can’t stand.

edit - Having said that, I read this before I checked the “industry terms I can’t stand” thread. Good one, Turd.

Dont worry op, someday love will find you and break those chains that bind you

Lol! …I concur :slight_smile:

Social media is all about desperately proving how much you care , bla bla bla…“oh look at me, I really care, you should care that I care, etc etc”.

Actually, to your first point. I read an article stating that it is not about how much a couple fights that determine the success of the relationship, but it is how often they celebrate.

Oh, such troubled times caught between confusion and pain, pain, pain

people get like one or two annoying posts but after that i hide future posts from them. Relationship posts are brutal, but the most annoying come from my friends that got heavily into yoga and crossfit. Its seriously the most annoying thing in the world i really dont need a post every single day with some stupid quote showing how deep you are because you can do some stupid pose. I also dont give a crap how many box jumps you did, if you are into that stuff great, but you really dont need to be a giant tool about it.

yeah. why can’t they be cynical and post on AF all the time instead?

Same. The few people I do like irl I’d probably start to hate if I read everything they posted on social media.

So I take it you post pictures of you doing burpees every day and talk about how revitalized you feel even though no one gives a crap? You have to admit there are people that massively overshare, why they think anyone cares about menial daily crap? Not sure if its narcissism or what but its mind boggling.

no i’m serious. why can’t they just be like us and post on AF instead? anonymity and making stupid jokes is so much more appealing.

and it’s definitely narcissism. why the hell would they think people would care about what they’re doing? i would care a lot more about your morning BM than your exercise routine. at least talking about your BM would be hilarious.