Sarah Fuller - Achieving two-sport immortality

So I heard somewhere yesterday that for the first time ever, a Power-5 football team was going to have a female on its active roster. To be honest, I kinda chuckled a little to myself, but thought, “whatever floats their boat”.

Then, yesterday evening, I was reading this from the Daily Wire: (I think it showed up on my Facebook feed.) It basically talked about how Sarah Fuller (SF) gave a pretty spirited halftime speech, and decided to call out her “fellow players” for not being as spirited as she thought they should be.

As I was reading that, this came through from ESPN. This is a long article that basically enshrines her in Canton and canonizes her in sports history.

As soon as I couldn’t take it anymore, I read this by Daily Wire: This is definitely worth a read.

For the record, I agree with everything Matt Walsh says in his article. The fact that women keep trying to play men’s sports (and thinking they’ll somehow succeed) is risible and farcical. Men are bigger, heavier, stronger, faster, and have more endurance than women.

To be fair–I must disagree with one thing he says: I do believe that it was a genuine squib kick. Why do I believe that? Because if SF actually did kick the ball down the field, then had to try and tackle a guy who’s 75 pounds heavier than her while running 20 mph–I don’t know what would have happened next, but I don’t think it would have been fun to watch. It would have been like me being in the ring with Ken Shamrock in his prime. And any coach that would allow that to happen deserves jail time.

And (sex aside)–since when do kickers who have only been on the team FOR FOUR DAYS get to tell the “real” players how to conduct themselves on the sidelines?

Sports still exist?

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