Sat for June 2008

hey guys I sat for L3 this June … had not found about this site till until June 09 2008 so how are you guys? an intro about myself… i am a sell side research analyst… would anyone like to introduce yourself?

this was all we needed out here… we had tonnes of Jcakasses now we have a werewolf tooo.!!! ;p;

welcome werewolf… see u got pounced upon in 3 minutes!! so u must feel lucky and welcome

hey werewolf. welcome. what city you from?

is it a dating site now?

So you find out June 9 and post on July 31? Thats just disrespectful. What were you waiting for?

Because you found you will pass the exam next year. You gonna get plenty of help here. I assume if you did not know the existence of the analyst forum, you do not deserve to pass. period. full stop.

welcome werewolf watch out for the CFAI silver bullets