Satisfying CFA's 4 year requirement

I wanted to know if I can satisfying CFA’s 4 year requirement, if I open and register a company/hedge fund and do my own stock trading? It will give me equity experience but will it qualify as experience for the CFA?

I would think you would have to manage at least on other person’s money under that strategy. Also, who would provide the 2 references which are required for CFAI membership?

You cannot qualify experience when just managing to your own money

What if I can get friends and family members to invest.

What if I hire 2 friends for the reference?

Well, i dont think there are many candidates in Uzbekistan. I hope the CFAI looks very closely at the applicants and checks all references.

One reference is supposed to be an existing charterholder and the other is supposed to be your supervisor, so you would have to hire a charterholder and make one of your friends your boss.

I recently submitted my CFAI membership application, so not sure if these are new rules. But here is what they have on the website:

“Three professional references are required unless you have a reference from a regular member of the society to which you are applying. In that case, two professional references are required. Supervisor references are preferred.”

So, supervisor reference is not required, just “preferred” - whatever that means.

^ interesting. It used to be just 2 and 1 of them was supposed to be your supervisor. I believe they allowed you to use someone other than your supervisor if you had a valid reason why you did not want him or her to know that you were applying for membership.

if you have no boss. (unemployed etc) you can just use. 2 charterholders

Study 2 get her or study to get the charter?

Also, this has to be a full-time job. No part-time.