Saturation point or headache

Does any of you feel like your head is about to explode and you need to cool it from time to time? May be its just me.


torch everything

i have had the same feeling ever since level I around the last few days.

actaully i am seriously considering just stopping after tonight. I have never done that before and i am kind of afraid to, but i really don’t know what im gonna accomplish between now and saturday other than just avoiding guilt.

I have a headache and definitely reached saturation point. However I will keep pushing though. Tonight I’m done though and will enjoy a few beers and TV. Tomorrow bright and early I’ll be back at it to finish up a few things. Thursday Ethics/ GIPS. Friday to relax and think happy thoughts.

Only way I wouldn’t feel guilty is if a tornado hits and we lose power (tornado watch is currently in effect).

Oh crap, just remembered I bought a generator last winter!


i basically took off half of sunday and most of monday cuz i was getting burnt out. now i’m ramping hard again into the final day.

I put in 6 hours earlier today and felt the same way. Dont want to burn out the last week, so I decided to trim it back to 4-5 hours at the most for the next two days and then less than 2 hours on Friday.

“Regret minimization” strategy.

Better to put 100% effort, rather 80% and get failed, b’cos if failed, next time I have to put 100% (then total effort is 180%).

not always

very easy to get burnt out on these exams. Most important thing is to go for the exam with a clear mind.

Not able to focus today, seems like whatever I am reading is just falling off my head!

looks like whatever learning has to happen has happened already.

Time to ease it down and start cool, calm and focussed for the E-day.

I felt the burnout, so I took two days off… Yesterday I picked it back up by reviewing my weak areas and I’m regretting taking any time off at all. Feels like I could write a whole exam on my “weak areas”

Gotta keep treading water until Sunday

Personally, I think I have done all that I can do. My scores on the practice exams are looking good. I will take one more shweser PM test this afternoon just to keep it fresh. Tomorrow I will review individual IPS am questions, Ethics EOC and go over my note cards one more time. Friday, golf, watch a movie get some accupuncture and chill.

I would say I am 90% pumped for this test, and the 10% of panic is simply my nervousness regarding what gets tested and how deeply I know those subjects. Going to try and actually get 8 hours of peaceful sleep the next 3 nights.

Good luck all.

1 hour on then 1 hour off is my plan until the test.

I got a 2-hour sleep this morning when I stopped studying…don’t know what else to do. Bank some sleep just in case can’t sleep well in Friday night. Got a cup of iced-coffee after a haircut. :slight_smile:

My brain is totally fried