Saturday March '08

So who got a good study day in? And who slacked? I got up at 8, was at my study spot by 8:30 studied until 2:30. Went to Gym until 4:00 studied from 4:30 - 6:00. Laying low tonight so I can try to repeat tomorrow. I focused on Schweser Book 3 today and I am proud to say I understand Negative Convexity for the first time.

Agree. You must be referring to MBS. I found Schweser explained negative convexity this time better than the other years.

Well done!

Found i was burning out so i am taking this weekend off. With 96 days to go and well ahead of schedule i felt time away from work and the books is sometimes necessary in the long run pursuit.

Right there with you, I can draw the MBS chart with T-Bill chart to explain why this is not a good hedge tool.

I did OK…3 to 4 of valuable study

I’ve been sick as a dog since Thursday and it’s really p!ssing me off. I have this girl who sits behind me at work and she is just a picture of health. She’s already had two full sick weeks this year and both times came back hacking up a storm and I, by coincidence managed to fall under the weather myself right after that, both times!! I’m ready to start showing up at work with one of those little germ masks on to see if anyone gets my freaking point. 89 days to go, I don’t need this crap. Needless to say I’ve got to find some time here in the near future to get back on track. I was just starting to roll and get into a comfort zone with the family-work-study balance, now I’m going to have to start from scratch and get it going again.

Thats tough BB. Don’t let it get you down, get back on track!