Saturdays exam

Hey Level I takers. Just wanted to say good luck on the exam!! You have all worked hard and I am sure will do fine. I have one more to go LIII in June!! Keep chugging away until Friday afternoon and then take the night off. Funny thing is now that I look back at the nights before Level I and Level II, they were great nights. I ate a great meal from the same restaurant (takeout from an expensive steak house) and ate it in front of the TV. It was really relaxing (Surprising). Lay everything out around 5 on Friday night and then forget about it. I have Level III in June, I had to move to CT for work, but will take the exam in Chicago Like Level I and II so I can get my same dinner and I know the test center… Good luck to all of you, I wish you the best Mr.good.guy

Thanks, Mr.Good.Guy! Good luck on L3.


thanks good luck to you

thanks mr good guy… you really are…a good guy =) and good luck on level3… i cant wait to get to where you are today

Oh, there’s an exam on Saturday? Sorry, couldn’t resist… Thanks for the good wishes & good luck to all

Thanx mr good guy! really need it this time and all the best to u as well!

Thanks mr. good guy. Good luck to you to.

Thanks for the wishes! Let’s hope all of us sitting in the exam in a few days will be LIII candidates at this time next year!