Saudi heiress ridiculed by judge in $3m Ritz gambling case


Some scummy rich chick bounced some cheques when daddy didn’t transfer her some cash quick enough. What is there to discuss unless I’m missing something?

In the country that her family rules, women can’t drive, can’t go anywhere without being escorted by a male family member and are essentially 2nd class citizens

Except for this women who is an heiress so can gamble £m’s at a time for shits and giggles.

One rule for the subjects, another for the family. The idea that Saudi royals go partying around the world while executing others at home for the same behaviour is not new.

It’s not like this woman wrote the laws in Saudi Arabia. In fact, she is probably very opposed to laws that restrict freedom of women or other behavior.

Isn’t it Saudi law that says if you don’t pay debt owed, you get put in JAIL

Saudi Arabia in fact does not allow gambling at all. However, like I said, it’s the country’s law, and this doesn’t mean that individuals share the same values. If US raises taxes to France levels, I won’t blame you for moving to Singapore.

She benefits from the dictatorship, so its hard to say she doesn’t support it. Yeah, maybe she doesn’t like the system, but she’s sure loving the benefits of it. Anyone worth that much in Saudi is connected to the royals.

But that is like saying someone who likes one part of a government must support all parts. For instance, if you like low taxes, you must oppose gay marriage.