Saw "Weiner"

The guy got crucified for some cyber sex. Seems pretty minor compared to a lot of politicians. Even the lying. He lied about cyber sex. I imagine shame would get the best of anybody and he doesn’t have much of it. The doc keeps your attention but probably not worth the $8 dollars I spent or the hour and a half.

He kept doing it even after apologizing to the public. The Jew is an addict and a narcissist. How money was that Hasidic heckler who went after him in the Jewish deli

^Well, the guy did say, “You married an Arab.” Don’t think it was meant to be just an observation.

Anthony Weiner? I think the problem is what he did is just weird and bizarre. The “wtf” factor just destroyed his reputation. If Hillary were to be caught tomorrow bathing in goat’s blood, she probably would lose the election, even though it’s not really hurting any humans and is (probably) legal.

Nope, her supporters wouldn’t care one bit.

Well this girl doesn’t have a clue what goes through the mind of a “normal” man. And she conveniently left out the casual sex they had after the three month “relationship” ended. Yes, that’s what his continued compassion was about.

I was expecting to find something horrific in this thread.