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Teen Made $72 Million Trading Stocks, Confirms Teen Dominance Worldwide

This has “classic blow up story in about 5 years” written all over it… if it’s even true that is.

I am disillusioned by all these wealth stories after reading that Grumpy Cat did not actually make $100 million.

The numbers have been sensationalized by the media and are not true.

i hear he swings a 18 incher, once shot a hole in one on a 700 par 6, and has already had sex with multiple girls at band camp

^To Bill Brasky!

^ He’s a SOB!

Naming your kid Mohammed Islam is like naming someone Jesus Christian. A bit odd, though I’ve seen it before.

I thought like 15% of the world population was named Mohammed because people in the Middle East have difficulty thinking of other names?

This made me think. I ran some analysis on

Some conclusions:

  • Women’s names had more variation than men’s. For women, first 10 names cover 25%, for men, 38%. For women, first 25 names cover 44%, for men, 58%. Percentages are for the first 100 names constituting 100%.

  • > 1/4 chance that a boy was named James, John, Robert, Michael, William or David. Just 6/100 names.

  • Mary beats any other girl’s name by more than a 2:1 margin.

(Of course, the 100 names for boys and girls do not cover the whole spectrum, but I doubt they leave out anything significant.)



OMG I gotta see that movie, hilarious… put tears in my eyes

great clip. exactly what I was thinking of when bromion mentioned it being a common name

Hi Naren. If you like these sorts of stats you should check out 538 for articles like this:

It’s a very good website in general.

^Thanks Carson.