Sbarro files for bankruptcy protection

Oh no!

Anything mall related stay away from. People are finally starting to realize that spending time in the mall is no fun.

I effing love Sbarro.

Oh no, now where am I supposed to get authentic Italian food???

Can we get a consensus on how the name is pronounced? Or is that not necessary anymore?

Be sure to check out their sides of dough and sauce with your order of oil.

I pronounce it Sbah-rho.

Quiznos I think filed as well. I am predicting Ruby Tuesday will be next.

I thought the “S” was silent?

I am Captain Jack Sbarro… have a slice of overly cheezed and expensive pizza?

Quiznos Chicken Carbonera is delicious.


I hit up Sbarro every now and then at various airports. Guess I’ll have to settle for Cinnabon.

sbarro is pretty disgusting. had it a few times. im surprised it lasted this long

Bro, kid you not, in California sbarro and roundtable are the best pizza you can get…

Yes to roundtable. My aunt used to own one in Cali and I eat there too often.