Scantron Smudge

Quick question everyone…I changed an answer on a few questions on the exam this weekend. One of them I changed left a pencil/eraser smudge which I could not get rid of for the life of me. I asked the proctor and he said that since my new answer bubble was filled in boldly that it should be fine, but I am still a bit concerned about it. Anyone here have any knowledge on scantrons and if the smudge would be missed by the machine and only see my new answer?

Relax dude. What’s done is done.

If you don’t pass you can ask for your test to be re-scored. I think they do it by hand the second time.

You got me worried, i changed about 10-12 answers and all of them has light smudges on the prior answers, read this article >>

it’s from 2010, it seems that modern scanners would capture the darkest shading as the answer. So we should be fine, also, the choice of #2 Pencil was based on factors that include the fact that erased answers leave minimal smudges.

You’re fine - the scantron will pick up the most complete answer. Scantrons work by either detecting the amount of light that passes through (old days) or is reflected, and captures “completeness” or degree that a mark is filled in. The scantron software is then able to pick the most complete answer.

Furthermore, if there are questionable 50/50 marks, the system flags it and humans are used to manually score it. Which is only one more reason why we wait six weeks for our results…