scared shi***********

i took my first cfa online exam… 66% i am getting scared… but i still have time… i also made about 7 stupid mistakes that i will def never do again… also this was the first time i tested myself w/ all the topics in one shot… usually i do them by sections after i read… but the good news is i think i can improve…i know i can improve…

Good news: 66% will probably be fine on exam-day. With one more month to go, I wouldn’t be scared for one single second.

I’ve taken 2 and gotten in the 65% range on both. I think we are right where we need to be with 30 days to go. Time to refine things and keep practicing.

Agreed, i took one and got 65% without having done SS 15-18…and getting smoked in ethics. I am pleaased with it, and you should be too. STay the course.

isnt 70% the passing score ?

Dude, you still have a freaking month. CHILL.

and if your not a dude, my apologies.

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That’s great! Why are you scared? Haven’t started the practice exams yet, but I’m gonna bang 'em out starting on the 15th.

Dumb question. The scores that people are quoting regarding the CFA exam on this thread, is that the percentage of questions answered correctly? Or is it a rough percentile of performance (assuming that CFAI keeps track of people’s scores on test exams and can form actual percentiles from the practice exams)? The folks at Analyst Notes do that, so in some sense it’s useful to see a performance percentile as well as the percentage of questions answered correctly.

Its the percentage of guestions answered correctly.

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