I’m just starting to take practice exams in Book 7 and I’m quite scared. I’m not even able to finish these tests in the 180 minutes!! Has I have done all of the reading and the questions afterwards in the book and felt confident that I knew this stuff, but the practice tests seem to think otherwise. On the morning section I went over by about 45 minues and scored a 69%, the afternoon I wasn’t able to finish Anyone else had a similar experience? Any suggestions on positive study techniques?

Book seven exams are the hardest schweser has to offer. From other comments I’ve read on this forum, anything close to passing is good. Book 6 and CFAI exams may provide a better measure of the topics you need to focus on. If you haven’t taken either of these you will probably be pleasantly surprised.

Yep… I am scared too. Took a CFAI exam today… just to get a feel. I knew I wasn’t ready for most portions, but my company is reimbursing me for all related expense, so what the hell? Anyways, scored just over 70 in FSA and Ethics… that was pretty sweet. Got smoked by equity, fixed income, and Econ. But, those are the sections I haven’t reviewed yet. Think I scored something like 53% overall. It’s gonna be an uphill battle, but I’m gonna keep pedaling. One point to note… the CFAI practice exams were much less calculator intensive. That being said, you are spending much more time crunching numbers in Schweser than you will be on the real exam. I finished the 60 question exam in an hour. Had it been the real test (or even a week from now), I would have battled it out and figured out a couple questions, but I wanted to leave the office and go home. Hang in there Dakinemon… the vast majority of us are biting our fingernails just as you are.