"Scary" question on 2011 AM Exam Q3-B (NO UNIQUE ANSWER?)

For Question 3B on 2011 AM exam, you’re asked to choose between “Increase” and “Decrease”.

My issue is general - NOT related to the actual question itself, but… The correct answer, as it turned out, could be EITHER increase OR decrease. The reason why I say it’s scary is because suppose you’re faced with this question on the coming Saturday and say to yourself… “Hmm, I think either choice sounds right, am I missing something?! How do I decide which one to choose?” This is gonna be pretty bad in terms of your own psychology on the exam. You could end up spending more time looking for additional information… So is this a standard type of question (that doesn’t have a unique answer)? How would we know on the exam that, for a given question, either answer could be right (and you just have to argue for your own choice)??

If you’ve ever read how these exams are scored, they talk about how if enough people get this quesiton wrong, they investigate further. Sometimes such questions are thrown out, or I’d imagine in a situation like this it just means they realized both answers would work.

End of day, you know how much time you should spend on each question. In the unlikely case you encounter a situation like this, you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be asking yourself could there be 2 answers. Your base case assumption is there’s only 1 answer so you’d stick to the first thing that ‘clicks.’

If you treated every quesiton as if there were 2 possible answers, then yes you’ll freak yourself out and unnecessarily spend too much time on each question.

Yea wouldn’t call it scary. They are willing to accept alternative answers if you can back it up.