schedule for the last month!

Whats everyone doing in their last month. im having trouble making a schedule. im done all the readings just filling in holes,whats the best thing to do in the last month, anyone wanna share their schedule?

Q-bank, Q-bank, Q-bank… I sat L1 in Dec last year and the last month before the exam I just did as many practice exams as I could. So I hit the Q-bank and the Schweser practice exams. IMPORTANT: take time not only to do the actual questions, but also (!!!) to review them, ALL of them, even the ones that you got right. In my experience that’s the best way to prepare and to make sure tht you really have the important concepts at your fingertips when you go into that exam.

True. Stop reading and spend the time on practice exams (even if you have to look up every answer while you’re solving those problems).

Q bank and pionts summary at the end of each chapter. keep reading ethics

  1. 80% practice questions and mock exams 2) 20% reading up on topics that I’m not 100% confident in

I agree to Lara-Lilly… I will take practice questions in most of my time and look at those topics where I made mistakes and go through them again… I think best for last month is to find those things which I am not good enough…

How many time are you all planning to read Ethics. Do you think times is enough?

How many time are you all planning to read Ethics. Do you think two times is enough?

MehdiOchre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > True. Stop reading and spend the time on practice > exams (even if you have to look up every answer > while you’re solving those problems). +1 (from an L2 candidate)

I’m in a bit of trouble. One month left and still three books to go. With a recent job transfer (cross country). I lost about a month of time. I am thinking of simply powering out the last books for 3 weeks and than practice tests, qbank, and review qs the final three weeks. Do you think that is a good idea or should I just go for practice tests and qbank now all the way? I knew that I may have had to deal with this situation but I really want to bang out L1 right now.

I think starting practice questions is too early, you should go through the books first. However, CFAI books are too long to read right now, I recommend Elan’s Final Stretch - their videos should be enough and you can go through their readings in 10 days if you really put your mind to it, and do practice questions after that.

i need help im done reading all the books… i dont know where to start now im soo lost … umm i havent done EOC but i have done some Qbanks … whats the best thing to do ?? in the next month … btw last week i took my first exam a schweser practice exam and i scored 45%… i just wanted to see where i was after all the reading … do you think there is room for improvement or is it a hopeless casee…

Andreea’s right. Elan’s videos and readings are really good. Why are you scoring so low? Careless? Forgetting formulas? Or do you really not know the material? If you are being careless or can’t memorize the formulas, hit the QBank. If you don’t know the stuff, continue to study!

when i went over the exam… it was really easy i guess i had just forgotten some material and at other times i was careless and for got the formulas. it was nothing like i had no idea whats going on.

Saradee: Take another practice test soon and let me know how it goes.

The books look like a waste of time, just do q bank

Hey, i am done reading the books i took the self test’s and overall i got 51% in them. This is making me tensed. My brains wearing out. Please help me with the order in which i have to do the mocks(i have the following things with me) List them in regarding to weekdays and weekends and priority 1) Qbank 2) CFAI EOC 3) Schweser Practise exams 4) CFAI mock exam 5) I also registered for the Schweser June 2010 Live MockExam on May 22nd I have no clue what i am doing. I really cant believe i got 51% after 5 months of struggle. God!! Thanks a Ton!!

One More quick stupid question - All the exams i did now were small samples - do the questions come in topics? i just saw the CFA mock exam and it was listed topic wise or do they jumble up all the questions irrespective of the topics? Crazy thought!!

They come in order (ethics, quant, econ, etc.) When you say you got “51%”, did you do really good in some sections and really bad in others? Or did you get close to 51% in all of the sections? Make sure you take more than 1 test before you get too discouraged… sometimes I’ll miss 1 quant and sometimes I’ll miss half (on a single “AM” session). If you did terrible on ethics, corporate finance and equity you could get around 70% pretty quick. You can easily learn ethics, corporate finance is really easy (except for asset beta) and equity is (in my opinion) not that hard either. If you got 51% overall and something like 40% on FRA, then you better get an accounting tutor or something because bumping up FRA 30% is not going to be easy. Econ is also pretty easy but its like 16 readings for 10% of the exam. Cliffs: If you got 33% in ethics or corporate finance, don’t worry about it. If you are terrible at FRA, fixed income, or derivatives/AI then you better start pulling some all-nighters (you might be able to get away with being bad at either FI or deriv/AI, but not both).