what would be an efficient study schedule. i plan to appear in June 2011 for level 1.its too early to ask this question but then study methods remain more or less the same. i have 45 hr week at work.not much job pressure and can spare 20-25 hours a week. my plan is to study CFAI study material end to end then do EOC questions. then what?. Prep provider? practice exams? mock exams?question bank? eleventh hour,? secret sacuce? which of these in what order?

If you can spare 20-25 hours per week, why don’t you sit in December?

My work schedule is busy till July end.temporary workload.

In that case I would proceed as follows: Read CFAI front to back, answering all EOC questions. Then revise with Schweser, and hit the Qbank. Spend May 2011 doing practice exams and going over the stuff you don’t know, but by that stage you should be well prepared.


I am weak in in math & stats. any book that consolidates my basics?

I asked the same question when I enrolled in this program. The answer I received was, “CFA program mathematics are not difficult”. It’s true. If you are weak at it, give it a little more time. One piece of advice though, do quant first. It feeds into a lot of the level 1 curriculum.