Schewer--Bad customer service

I got the 599 package for level 2. When I go online I see nothing is avalable to my account right now and I will get access for the meterials over a period of two weeks. They also charge me 100 bucks extra to get the online acceess of schewer notes which makes no sense to me. I was with stalla for level 1, had much better expirience.

why don’t you call them and get the full story instead of whining on AF about it

I did call them and that’s the story they tell me…

and the reason between whining on AF about it is to let other people know what to expect…

I understand that this is frustrating of course , but this might be an individual incident and does not mean they are all bad , I believe u have to go and call them again until ur problem is totally solved and get a refund for the products u did not order.

@adas10, We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you would please call us at 888-325-5072, we can clear up this confusion. Thank you!

oh ,thats really cool to have Schweser here as a member , at least the feedback will enable them to improve the service they are providing

How’s that for customer service, stalking AF blogs to serve you better, amen.

I’m disappointed by Schweser too. For level 1 I was with Elan Guides and I had automatically online access to all my notes, in PDF format. This year with Schweser, I received only hard copies of the notes. So when I asked them about online (They removed the early bird that I had), I was told that I have to pay an additional $100 to have soft copies of the notes. And that’s the most interesting part, I won’t even be able to use the soft copies in my mobile device because they work only with a special flash palyer that most mobile devices don’t have. In 2011, what is the point of making people pay for stupid notes that cannot be converted into PDF easily and you can’t even read them on the subway or when you travel? And considering the cost to get Schweser notes, I think I deserve these soft copies in a PDF format for free, not for an additional $100. It is just common sense that nowadays people need to get access to their documents in mobile devices. That is a non sense, so stupid man. Schweser really needs to update their marketing strategy instead of making money on people where it is not justified

CFAI also charges extra for softcopies!

yes, but CFAI has no competitors