Scheweser Comprehensive Problems

I have been studying using the Scheweser Guide, starting with Quant. I have read through SS2 in Book 1 and have done all of the Concept Checkers, but not the Comprehensive Problems. For this studying with Scheweser, are you doing the Comprehensive problems, and how important are they? At the end of all my readings, I plan to do all of the CFAI EOC problems

Your planning is fine. I didn’t do the Comprehensive Problems and did rest as per your plan and passed the exam. I would recommend you to study Ethics from CFAI Books especially the Standards part. After completing the readings and concept checkers and Q-Bank (a bit) I did CFAI EOC problems. They are quite similar to the exam questions.

What do you mean study Ethics from the CFAI books? Do you mean just what’s in Book 1, or do you have to read that separate standards document as well?

I mean to say that the first 2 chapters of Ethics, you must read from CFAI books. There are 4 chapters in 1st Study Session of Ethics the first two chapters Code of Ethics… and the second Guidance for Standards I - VII. These you should read from Book 1 of CFAI. For GIPS, Schweser is fine and comprehensive.