hI. i have given about 3 schewswer exams, though i manged to get a decent score, but i absloutely cant finish the paper in time! the questions require so much computations that you just cant do it in 90 seconds, i would like to know, if this is true just in my case or someone else also had similar issues, and is the cfa exam less computataion intensive then scewswer, please comment

Never found any real issue with time. I found the key was to make up time in Ethics, Economics, PM and some of the Alt Inv and Equity questions, because FSA in particular just eats up time.

First one was 20 minutes over. Last 3 have been about 2-5 minutes over time. Pretty happy with that

I’m having the opposite problem, rushing through thinking timing is going to be an issue and missing stupid little things like wording. Last Schweser one I finished with 25 minutes left, low 70’s but so many stupid little mistakes.

I was wondering how so many people were getting high scores on these Schweser exams. I figured they weren’t timing themselves as a good chunk of those questions are major time burners.

The real deal has less wordy questions that are easier to understand. There will be less use of the calculator too. Unless you are going way over on time with schweser, you probably won’t have a problem on the real exam. Good luck.

I have issues with scheweser timing too. I always go over, but finish under for the CFA Samples/Mocks. They are time burners because the questions themselves take longer to read and interpret. You also have to figure out if Schweser is trying to trick you or not. Most cases they are trying to trick you. I find CFIA test much more straight forward.

so can someone who has done both schweser book 6 exams and cfai mocks ($) let me know how they compare, in terms of difficulty, easy of interpretation, time wise (i’m guessing from above, CFAI is less time consuming) i am doing horrid on book 6 :frowning: