Scheweser Flashcards

Can anyone shed some light on the flashcards?? How useful are they? How big are they to be carried around? thank you NG

very useful.

I haven’t opened mine yet, but think you will need as much help as possible to stand a chance of passing this exam. In other words, I suggest you go out and get as much material as possible, i.e. the flashcards, videos, audio CDs. When you pass, it will most definitely be worth every penny…

Aren’t the flashcards blank when you get them?

HAHAHA, that would be awesome ^^

When I bought the premium package, Schweser sent me flashcards and a book of "do-it-yourself- flashcards, which are blank and can be removed from the book (four to a page). Having both is a good idea if you end up not having enough time to fill out the blank flashcards yourself…and there are a LOT of them. Although I have heard that writing things down somehow triggers long-term memory storage, so maybe writing your own cards is best if you can put in the effort. I have begun reading through the laminated QuickSheet. Plan to keep doing so until those formulas and definitions are set deep in my memory.

i don’t like the schweser ones. making your own is the way to go. when you make your own, you’re typically making cards on topics you don’t know cold, so it’s likely that you’ll have to look it up. when you look things up in the books, you’ll reinforce the topics by forcing yourself to read the original text - you may get lucky and see something on another page that you didn’t know, and make another flashcard.

I made my own, that made me read the text twice and make me understand before I wrote it.

I fill out the schweser flash cards on my second reading with that weeks slides (premium ed.) in hand … Before I do the concept checkers and I find it very helpful in regards to keeping focused on what the LOS is actually asking for as the cards give you limited room to make the appropriate notes. Cb