Scheweser Mock vs Elan Mock

Hi guys, I have been consistently scoring 74-76% in Scheweser mock (completed Vol.1) and I did like 1500 Qbank Qs and averaged 80% (inc. easy,int,hard evenly selected). From CFAI mock, I scored 84% in AM and 76% in PM ( weakest link in Ethics, FRA). I felt that luck was on my side when I marked the exam. I just did my first Elan mock today and scored low 70s. I am freaking out bc I feel like I’ve been cheated by Schweser, (its just my opinion), and feel like on border line for the exam. My question is, for those of you who have been using Schweser and just went on to do Elan, do you feel that it was more challenging than Schweser? Any inputs are appreciated. Thanks.

I think it just depends on what material you have been following… I score well in Elan but if I ever come across a schweser question on this site, I don’t like it… Take CFA Mock as the guideline and relax…

Those taking schweser should find elan mocks slightly easier. I personally found cfai mocks harder than elan mocks (third mock) being an exception. Elan says that if you score greater than 65 consistently you should be in good shape so just make the best use of your time.

This is definitely not the time to be in panic mode. If you were scoring well on the Schweser mocks then you are on a safer side. Personally I feel Schweser mocks are actually a little tougher than CFAI Mocks. Word of advise it is absolutely imperative that you score good marks on Ethics. You just don’t have the option not to. Ethics is key to CFAI pass.

I noticed that Elan’s Ethics are much easier than Schweser. It’s also shorter than usual Schweser Ethics Qs. I think for Ethics, level of difficulty is Elan< CFAI < Schweser

I thought Elan Mock 2 afternoon was not easy, I got 91% on the morning session and 81% in the afternoon with 2 questions in portfolio management really hard: calculate correlation with 2 series of stats and definition of the “information ratio”, I never heard about that, do you know this ratio??