scheweser question bank vs mock tests

they have 6 mock tests and a mountain of questions in question bank.

i have timme only for one

what should i focus on?

mock exams. if you are struggling with an area, then take a few quizzes in that area using the q bank until it gets hammered in.

most of the qbank is level one type problems … a single question, which is easier to solve.

also the questions are more random.

ifyou do the mocks, you will have the variety of level two type questions you will on real test. also, im hopeful that ks has set it up such that questions complement one another to give you a more full variety than random.

when you grade the mocks. look at the answers … write a note sheet if there were things you didnt understand and add sudying that with your normal studying.

I say Q Bank all the way - you have many more questions being tested on much broader areas.