Schewser Practice Exam Vol.2 or Qbank

If I end up having time to do one or the other which one would you recommend to hammer down the material…I am leaning towards Qbank as it will help with concepts…what do you guys think?

N Van: I am always in favor of doing practice exams. But if vol 2 at level 3 is anything like Vol 2 at level 2, I wouldn’t waste my time. BTW- the Nucks got a break last night. My Kings will take it to them the rest of the series.

I just finished up the entire qbank on Tuesday and while I’m glad I did it, I found the questions a little lacking. I got a 79% average but even still I thought the questions were far too basic and some concepts seemed to be skipped over entirely. I read somewhere around here that Vol 2 is not as bad as it is at level 2, but I haven’t touched it so I can’t verify that. If you want to do the qbank, depending on how much time you have, I would probably skip all of the basic questions and just go for the intermediate/advanced (which I think are less than half of the questions), especially if this wouldn’t be your first pass through the material like it was for me. Then if you have time left you can go for Vol 2. Have you done the EOCs? So far I only did one for risk management and it totally kicked my a$$ :confused:

I am only half way through the Qbank and find it useful in certain parts as it explore your area of weakness. Agree some questions are a bit waste of time.

For whatever reason I haven’t even logged into qbank yet, though I did all of the CFA EOCs along the way… I think I am going to do them all again in May. Aimee - as with L II I found the EOCs really helpful.

Thanks guys lots of good feedback here I have done a read through the Schewser Notes so far and now going through Scheweser Video CDs in conjunction with CFAI EOC Q. I should be done these by end of April or end of first week of May and was trying to strategize to do Qbank and revision for 2/3rd week of May and then last week of May and June Practice Exams…but doubt I will have time to do both Vol. 1 and 2 if I take the first half of May to do Qbank. How many Questions are there in Qbank anyway? What do you guys think?

NV, stick with the practice exams. qbank questions only give you at most item-set type of questions, they don’t help you prepare for the essay-type questions. And make sure to do the EOC questions.

2,487 total, but I think more than half of those are the basic q’s

I would work through EOC questions and then the mocks/sample tests from CFAI rather than any other source.

goes to eleven Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > N Van: > > I am always in favor of doing practice exams. But > if vol 2 at level 3 is anything like Vol 2 at > level 2, I wouldn’t waste my time. > What was the problem in vol 2 at level 2 ?? I m just curious abt this

Volume 2 problems were over-the-top difficult. So much so that the consensus was that it was not worth beating yourself up on problems that had no relation to what we would see on exam day.

Hi goes to eleven So for 2010 Level III, would you recommend buying and attacking the Schweser Vol 1 practice exams or the Schweser Vol 2 practice exams? Why?

^^^ Don’t know about Level 3. My previous comment about Volume 2 difficulty was for Level 2. Most likely, I am going to do Volume 1 only for level 3. 3 exams there, prior CFA essays, EOC questions and mock CFA exams should be enough (I hope).