Schewser Pro - Ethics

What are you guys scoring on these? I’m a little nervous. Last year I was nailing over 80% easily this year I’m getting 70-75%. I just did 2 more on HARD and got 72%. Grrr… Ethics could be the deal breaker. I remember last year I studied with a slew of guys for L2 and the ones that failed L2 were the ones that failed Ethics. Fortunately, I got > 70%

i did 2 hard and got 100%. Not kidding, but again i get 50% on Behavior in qbank cause it is utter crap

i regurally scored 90-100% in the ethics schweser pro tests last year and still flunked ethics. i’m not wasting my time studying ethics this year.

I’ll read Ethics again one more time, but I agree with oskigo. The Ethics questions on the exam are a joke. I’ve scored >50<70 every year, but that is by far the section I guess the most on. I come out of those vignettes totally rattled.

also many of these practice exam questions are much easier compared to the real one. I have also never scored >70. I am hoping to do so this time!!!

Weird…guess I"m in the minority as I"ve scored > 70% on L1 and L2 exams… Guess they tested me on the right material :slight_smile: But I’ve taken your points to heart… Today is the 1st day I’ve spent on Ethics and a lot of it is coming back to me quickly so can’t see myself spending all that much more time on it.