School me on NYC apartments/areas

I’d avoid a commute if at all possible. Key is to make sure you still use the city a lot in evenings and weekends and don’t just end up staying in Stamford

But what about the 2/1 girl/guy ration of NYC? Tinder will not be the same in Stamford.

That would be most unfortunate. What good is a buy side job if I can’t use it to lure in 20 something models/admins/etc ??

Anyway spoke to the MD today. Next steps are a visit to the office in mid August since boss said he’s on vacation the next 2 weeks. I’m going to see if I can swing a Monday/Tuesday visit and fly up on Saturday so I can test out a weekend in Stamford.

edit: also curious, is having a car in Stamford a helpful idea or is it doable without one?

I’ve no idea what the public transportation system within Stamford is like, so not sure if you need a car to get around town or not, but a plus of being in Stamford instead of NYC is that you’re free to explore upstate NY, and the Northeast without the hassle of getting out of NYC first. Boston and NYC are quite easy via train, but you’ll really want a car for VT, NH, etc. Not sure what you’re into though, so maybe being able to get to more rural areas doesn’t matter to you.

Presumably, you would still own a car in Stamford. What keeps NY people from owning cars is the insane parking rates. My building’s rates are like $600 a month. The cost of the car itself is actually not bad.

I would assume that if you’re not in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, or Washington DC, you would want a car of some sort. Those seem to be about the only cities where you can “truly” survive without one.

(note - I’m probably the least well-traveled person on AF, so you should defer to the wisdom of, well…anyone but me.)

^You need a car in stamford. Fortunately parking is not an issue and you’ll likely get a nice lux building with a garage. 2:1 is a big deal, but are you honestly going to be going out on dates M-W? Probably not, reserve that for Thurs-Sunday in which you can hop on the express train and be in NYC in under 45 minutes.

There is talent in Stamford. You’ll be surrounded by wealthy, upper class, privileged women. I -despite BS’s depiction of me - come from a rougher area of CT and i can tell you that these women love the less refined that they are accustomed to. If you fit that description, you’ll be in good company.

I don’t know anything about Stamford or commuting but I can tell you this: the girls that you want to pick up on Tinder (and by the way, Tinder is a wasteland these days, all quality has migrated over to Bumble) are going to swipe left immediately when they see you live in CT. Too much of a hassle.

As far as neighborhoods, I live in Tribeca and it’s pretty great, and there’s a 4/5/6 in the southeast part by Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall

This. You’ll have trouble getting chicks to go above 14th st., unless you’re in Flat Iron or on Grammercy Park

you mean B&T chicks?

Gramercy Park!!! Just looking for the right owner!!! It’s just off the 6 line!!!

I have a (former) lady friend that lives on the UES. I’m trying to decide if it would be worth trying to rekindle that if I moved to the city.

Bump bump.

So they decided to fly me up on 2 days notice. Interviews on Monday - 5 hours, 7 different people, 30 minute lunch break. Jeez. This will be a test to say the least…

I’m going to have Sunday night to hangout in Stamford. Any good restaurants/bars? I can’t sit in my hotel room all night worrying about Monday.

Good luck!!!

I lived in Stamford for almost 3-years, good little city with a decent downtown “strip of bars”. I’m married so it was perfect for us at the time.

Before I moved to NJ, I commuted from Stamford to lower Manhattan for 3 months for a new job… it was absolutely miserable. You’ll never be home in “NYC” and won’t get the nightlife you think you will if you job has any meaningful amount of hours or volatility in work-life-balance.

What hotel are you staying in Stamford? There’s a killer restaurant called ZaZa that is pretty good.

^ the Hyatt, so not downtown. The number of hours is the real uncertainty. I have very little read into that, so we’ll see what kind of knowledge I can on Monday.

The company has offices in both Stamford and Manhattan, and the role is dual listed so theoretically I could be in either office. But I think it’s safe to bet that Stamford would be their choice to begin with.

I think you’re on the Southside, near riverside, which was not my favorite area… Hopefully you can make your way into downtown to get a real feel of the city.

^ I went into Downtown last night for dinner and to wonder around a bit. Seems nice with a good selection of restaurants and new apartment buildings, but being a Sunday night and rain in the forecast, there weren’t a lot of people out. Kind of had a lights on, but nobody’s home feeling to it.

I have to kill another couple of hours before the car is coming to pick me up to go to the office.

good luck young cub make AF proud

good luck 'nuck!!