School me on NYC apartments/areas

I live in the UES on 2nd Ave. The neighborhood is indeed sterile with its plethora of families and privileged tweens on their razor scooters emulating DJ Khaled’s latest snapchat. However, the affordability has attracted many 20 somethings recently; every move-in to my building as of the last year or two has seemed to be newly minted young professional girls as older residents die off (seriously, a bulletin board in the lobby has a new funeral notice every week). The walk to the subway is the majority of my ~30 min commute to GC. I rarely wait for a second train at the platform, but I have waited for up to four. The comment about no girls coming north of 14th is nonsense. If you can deal with doublewide strollers on the weekends and construction noise (noise in NYC is perpetual no matter where you are, you get used to it), the UES isn’t terrible for the money, but my preference would be FiDi (nearly all the trains go thru Fulton). In your case however, I wouldn’t even bother with the commute. You are close enough for weekend visits and intermittent business travel should the position call for it, but being here for the sake of being here is expensive and stressful and ultimately not worth the time and money.

Thanks guys. While the AF crew good karma can never hurt, I definitely felt on my game today. Thought it went really well. Also got come clarity on the work location. Seems some of the team lives in the city and splits their time 60/40 between the office in Midtown and coming out to Stamford. Clearly I wouldn’t try to do that from day 1, but definitely better than doing the commute every day (which they acknowledge sucks) or living in Stamford (which one of the guys admitted can be a bit boring).

Anyway we’ll see. One more hurdle to get past (case study of some sort). I’d have thought they’d do that before they brought me up here, but what do I know…

Sounds great, best of luck!

As someone with a few years on you, I’d highly recommend living in the city if at all possible. I’m about 10 years older than you, settled into the suburban life with wife/kids/house/dog, and one of my few regrets in life is not having tried living in a city when I was younger. Your 20’s is the perfect time to do it!

^ +1. I have zero interest in living in a large city at this point in my life, but do regret that I didn’t do it for a few years in my younger days.

Is "yummy mummy"s still a term that people use?

  1. UES is boring and most of it is not close to GC 2) FiDi is boring as well and isn’t close to GC either