School me on winter gloves

What do y’all guys wear outside in business attire? Never owned a pair. Looked around online, like to stay under $200 but can go up if worth it for some reason.

winter wear advice from a guy on a buffalo! Can’t beat that!

$200? No one cares what gloves you wear. Just go to Tj maxxx and get whatever fits.

Mittens is where it’s at.

Good night moon Turd. Amirite6?

Is this for real?

I had a military issue pair that I used for over 10 years that looked like these // large

no cashmere on US military issue though lol

my sister works for tjx corporate. discounts on discounts.


After you slide your dainty hands into those cashmere glove, make sure to get one of those p_u_ssy hats that the ladies wear too.

Million dollar idea:

HUNDREDS OF USES Fresh Gloves! Sanitary Girly Stuff Keeps Gloves Fresh Sanitary Handshakes Girly Stuff

i rofled so hard when i read this.

Hands in pocket a la James Deen. Priceless.

My hands are anything but dainty, ask your girl.

Image result for patrick bateman gloves

Sage advice. Just make sure the tips of the index fingers are touch screen compatible so you can swipe right without taking the gloves off.

Or the nose method works


This. Seriously.