School of ib - Mumbai

AFers, anyone in India have any idea about the school of ib in Mumbai. India? the link is www schoolofib com i tried google but no info anywhere except on their own website. thanks to anyone who can share.


im from bombay and have never heard of it.

I have heard of it. They had sent me a text message. I checked their websites too. I won’t suggest anyone doing a CFA to be associated with this. Look at the list of companies they have. Its not the best place I believe. Also, in the about us page, they have only provided information about advisory and founders (with excellent academic and professional records), however, they have not provided any information about professors. In the batch profile as well they have mentioned big names and their selection process also doens’t seem to be very rigorous. I believe there are a lot of hidden information. Hope it helps.

even i checked around and found no one with ample knowledge about this school (could be possible because it start just 3 years back). i am trying to find someone who has already completed a course here.