School's Out For Summer... In the spring

Our public schools closed over the weekend. All private schools and daycares were ordered to be closed tomorrow. This is supposedly just until April 6th, but most people expect the school year to just be ended where it is.

How are those of you with kids going to cope?

I went to Target today and bought some stretch board games - stretch meaning, the 5.5 year old will probably get the hang of them, but the 4 year old probably won’t. I also got a Sega Genesis Mini and a 24 inch TV to put in their playroom, because sometimes I just need them to shut up and get out from under my feet…

I’ve been thinking about building a small tree house in the back yard, but have been putting it off. This will probably get my wife in my ear about finishing those plans and getting it built.

youtube. im prolly going to start playing more video games too.

Yeah, so as you guys probably heard, Kansas was the first state to officially shut down schools for the year. For my kid in jr high, her school is trying to setup 3 hours of virtual school a day. Plus some sort of virtual study hall so the students can ask each other questions and generally be somewhat social. My son is still in lower school so they aren’t doing so much for them. I believe they’re sending home a packet of stuff to do. We’ll have to go over stuff like multiplication, cursive (which I don’t even remember), and maybe the time value of money.

As for coping, everyone is different. My wife is totally cool with going full quarantine so she’s fine, for now. I’m working from home for at least a month, maybe the whole summer. That could get a little dicey. The kids are remarkably resilient, though. My daughter is having virtual slumber parties every night and my son is playing with his friends online. It’s really remarkable how social they can still be without leaving the house.

No cabin fever yet. Will let you all know when my house turns into The Shining.

Edit (1-2): @S2000magician has successfully trolled me into hyper-paranoia over my grammar. Damn you.

Edit 3: I wanted to be sure it was clear I was saying damn you and not another four-letter word that would have been over the top.

^its kind of nice that people are starting to realize the more important things in life.

Start em young, raise em right.

Thanks to Coronovirus, My wife’s company pretty much shut down, so she is home with kids while i WFH. Personally i don’t care if they watch too much TV or play too many games, as long as everyone is healthy. De-risking is #1 priority

My wife and I are considered essential personnel, so a quarantine doesn’t do our family any good. Especially her - she’s an ICU nurse and they have their first confirmed COVID case.

your wife is a hero!

IF you get your kid a BAII or an HP12C, make sure he reads the manual!!!