Schswer is wrong - Ethics question

Question on ethics in Vol I, Exam 3 PM session, Q 10.3 They state that it is OK to use stuff from other brokerage firms in your report as long as you disclose it??? When has it become OK to steal info from other firms reports and put in your own report? I think Schweser is wrong on this one…you can disclose legitimate research sources such as Gartner, company websites etc…but not your competitor reports!!

I think it should be OK as long as you quote the source.

Disagree… Else, on my next report - all I need to do is find a competitor report and take all his work. As long as I disclose it, I can get done with my report in a day! Pretty sad ethics in my opinion… But maybe you are right and need to stop overthinking this problem. He disclosed it - so it is fine.

ya, technically you can use others work with proper citation (with some exceptions to not sourcing)…in real life you would never use another analysts work, but for the exam, that is ok with proper disclosure.

this from the same organization that claims it’s a violation of the ethics rules for us to print scrn the online exams for our own future review… nice…

You can use other firms research reports in your report, just like if you write a Term paper in college you can use other authors ideas as long as you cite them properly and don’t plagarize. You can’t just take say Company X’s report and write your name on it and give them credit, that would be a violation. Think about it almost like Mosaic Theory you can use bits and pieces of others works and cite them but you can’t use Only 1 piece and call it your own… NOt sure if that rambling made any sense.