Schweez Level 2 2010 to highest bidder

We are moving and I was planning to hold on to these books as reference material, but I believe that the L3 Schweser and CFAI Text will be sufficient. We live in Houston and are moving in 14 days and I will not be moving with these books. My wife has given me until next weekend to sell them or get rid of them. I have made a few notes in the texts so they are not 100%, but I am not a big marker upper of text books in general and typically write my notes out in a binder so I believe it is not a significant distraction. Many of the books have zero markings. I think Chad may delete this thread, but I am not sure (Chad, sorry if this is not within your rules, but I could possibly be giving away excellent study material to a brother/sister in need). Please e-mail me at with your best offer. I will take whatever is best, even if it is 5$ with shipping or simply a free pick up if you live in Houston. I am not sure of the demand of this type of material, but frankly I just want these heavy books out of our house with minimal effort and maximum value brought to the recipient. Send me your best offer. I will also consider someone who honestly needs the material and cannot afford it if they send a couple of sentences for justification.