Schweezer Exam 1 afternoon (q.74) Unrealize/real

Am i going insane? am i missing something…? why is it a? -1800 for 2006 i get, but not 6400 for 2007…wtf you got 800 carried at original value 26, and 200 at 28 (total=26400, and market val is 30 bucks a share at the end, so thats 30 000gs…the diff is the unrealized…) heres another i thing i realized…on the current level 1 Schweser you see an Indian kid, on level 2 you see an Asian girl…(on th covers) Are they trying to say something to us Caucasian kids???

in 2006, you were down $2800 in 2007, you were up $3600 You went from a loss of 2800 to a gain of 3600 over the year, thus you had a 6400 unrealized gain during that time period because you went from a negative 2800 to a positive 3600. Think of a number scale if that helps.

but the answer is a) -1800, 6400 not -2800 6400. Im almost there, but can you clarify?

You ended 2005 with a $1000 loss. You ended 2006 with a $2800 loss. You went from a $1000 lost to a $2800 loss so you lost an additional $1800 dollars that year. That is you unrealized loss for the year.

OMG!!! i am a retard…i knew this…i m at a loss for words…thanks Niblita…