Schweser 16 week video seminar

I have decided to take level 1 in June 2008 and therefore I’m selling my 2007 Schweser 16 week video seminar for $175 (retails for $600 on schweser website). It was paid for by my firm and so I’m selling it real cheap. I have some other material too which I’m trying to get rid of. Email me at if anyone is interested.

this is getting annoying. You’ve been trying to push illegal copies on this board for quite a while now. At least have some common decorum and don’t try to give off the impression that you’re selling originals only.

what are you talking about? These are original CDs, not illegal copies.

that’s not what you told me when I emailed you off the forum and you were trying to sell a bunch of stuff. Anyway, not worth discussing further.