Schweser 2007 Sample Exams book

Anyone have the detailed answers to the three tests in this book that were “strategically” only available on-line? Many thanks

I know somebody has it and wouldn’t mind sharing it. Please send it to me at People: Yet another 4 page thread in the cooking … JUMP RIGHT IN before it’s too late! I have usually observed only the top 10 get the stuff being requested.

can you guys stop being lazy and google a bit harder?

Dsylexic…could you please post the fruit of your labor!!!

Found this - can’t get the link to work. Schweser probably shut it down. Let me know if anyone has any luck SCHWESER BOOK 6 PRINTABLE SOLUTIONS test_id=1732563 test_id=1738802 test_id=1738837 test_id=1738848 test_id=1738852

It blows me away that Schweser would make you login for a paid service. Who would’ve thought they would try to protect their copyright?

No luck for me as well … the search continues

Google “elitebook cfa” . First link . I hope you should be able to get the download link

thanks a ton … i had been looking for this for too long … finally i got them.

skumar (or anyone else) - did you find the detailed answers to book 6 on this site? Looks like it’s just a copy of book 6 (the answers were the one only available online) thanks for the reference l2candidate777

sometimes, i wonder if people actually look at their status bar at the lower left hand corner of your explorer… i wonder if people actually right-clicked links to check out properties… it is on ur computer, aren’t u curious what buttons do what? what if you clicked it, thinking it’s a pdf file and it starts dling an exe file, and then you realize it’s program, running a virus. sometimes… i wonder how the f people wanna do research, when they can’t even do simple research themselves, just for their own good… anyways, for the blinded ones… this is how to get the answers without filling out the answer sheet… use the same link above… ROLLOVER to the book you wanna fill in your answer… and don’t move!! You’ll see at the lower left hand corner of your explorer, it says http:// dot dotdot… test_ID=###### if you don’t see it, click the link where you’re mouse is… don’t fill out the answer, and in your URL bar… you’ll see test_ID… replace your test_id using the URL above… no wonder employers always want ATTENTION TO DETAILS as a job requirement.

yes i did find detailed answers … same link.