Schweser 2007 vs Schweser 2008 books

Hi all, Is it ok to study from 2007 copy ? does anyone know if the curriculum changed in 2008 ? thanks, Nisarg

I dont think the curriculum has changed since the CFA’s inception. Maybe Im wrong, but you could probably study from the 2002 books. Reply #2: You obviously passed level 1 so obviously you know that the curriculum changes year after year so the obvious questions should be why would this year be any different?

Damn Caspian, you’re a better man than me…I don’t usually give a “Door Number 2”…

yea, i agree, but schweser says 30% of LOS has changes from 2007 for Level2, may be its over blown these are the exact quotes from schweser website: Level 2 Curriculum Changes The Level 2 curriculum has changed by about 30%. A total of 19 new readings have been added, 5 readings have been substantially revised, and 21 readings from 2007 have been dropped entirely. Alternative Investments are now part of the Level 2 curriculum for the first year, and the number of Quantitative Methods and Portfolio Management LOS have nearly doubled. thanks, Nisarg

I studied for level one from 2004 books and there were let’s say about 10 question on the exam that I didn’t know where they came from- but other that I didn’t have problems. this year will be easier because you have the cfa books too so you can check

^ in L2 10 questions is 8% of your exam and could make or break your success…I failed due to 1-2 questions last year…right on the border, because I had not studied FI and Deriv…

It may take a little effort but just go to the CFA website and print out the new LOS for L2 2008 then compare that list to the 2007 LOS found in the old Schweser book. What ever is different you can just get from the CFA books. Thats my strategy at least, for what its worth. - Mr. AFJunkie