Schweser 2008 CFA L3 books - think it's still relevant?

Hi, I got the Schweser 2008 level 3 books off a friend. do you think i should buy the 2009 or is the 2008 books suffice? Thanks

Usually it is not the case and you need new ones. However since the curriculum didn’t dramatically change versus prior year, I think, it’s OK to use old ones if you always reconcile it with CFAI books (which I presume you got) to check if 2008 Schweser doesn’t miss any important points.

does anyone know how much the cirriculum has changed? cause i know in 2008 they substaintially changed the topics for each of the levels. but i don’t think they would be doing that every year. given the major changes last year; does anyone know how much it has changed this year around?