Schweser 2008 practice exams...

Has anybody noticed that the Practice Exam Book 1 and Book 2 now use the same font that is used in the actual exam? It wasn´t like that last year for the level 1 practice exam books…they used times new roman…the CFA font is scarier.

I was just reading about the sample exams from CFA Institute… and …anybody has any experience from taking those exams? $50 per exam is drawing on the expensive with the 48 hour limit and all. Is it worth it or not? What’s your view?

I took all 5 when I studied for Level 1. Sure, it’s expensive but for an extra $250 you will be extremely comfortable with the actual exam format. In the long run $250 isn’t much, especially if it helps you pass a Level. Do you need to take the exams to pass, certainly not - but I’ll do anything to at least make myself “feel” more prepared.

I thought the practice exams were absolutley worth it>>>>some of the questions were almost identical. I will be doing all five for sure.